Jan 15

Video: Cultural Relief Program

The „Cultural Relief Program“ offers young refugees possibilities, assistance and skills to get help and joy for there life in the camps. Our cultural tools are social circus, music, performing and fine arts.

The first workshops are in Mardin and Nusaybin / Turkey 20 kilometers far from the syrian border.

This is a project and cooperation by

  • Art Anywhere Association, Mardin, Turkey
  • Goethe-Institut Istanbul, Turkey
  • Die Stelzer, Landsberg am Lech, Germany



Jan 15

Team of Trainers

Team of Trainers

And code is something you can learn yourself. While some may prefer the traditional classroom route, there are a great number of resources online to help you learn the basics (and even some advanced techniques) starting today. What’s even better is that many of these resources are free. Some even come in the form of games to expedite learning in a fun way.



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