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We are in the midst of a cultural world. From theatre to circus to visual arts, understanding how the world  is conected and comes together is increasingly important. That’s where learning and understanding life comes in. Your don’t have to be a star, but everybody should have some basic knowledge of working with arts and more to understand how the social circus will be implemented in a relief program for refugees in camps.

And art is something you can learn yourself and with other people together. While some may prefer the traditional classroom route, there are a great number of resources of workshops to help you learn the basics (and even some advanced techniques). What’s even better is that many of these resources are free for the young people. Some even come in the form of games to expedite learning in a fun way.

Understanding art for relief and learning really is a logical and practical skill for today’s life. It might even be one that future survival can’t be successful without. Our workhops are a collection of great places you can learn and join itn:

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 The program includes plenty of challenges that help you practice in a fun way, and you can earn badges for achievements. Skill areas include theatre, play, games, stiltwalking, jugling and basic knolegde about  helath and body.


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